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SIGNS OF LIFE AFTER DEATH - signs from the afterlife


There are different kinds of "signs" of life after death, used by the departed to let us know they are still around us. I will mention a few, although so many different signs exist that they can vary widely between persons.

It could be that we suddenly think of someone who has passed away without any clear cause for doing so, someone just flashes through your mind. Or you could feel a short gust of wind or a breeze without having any windows open, prompting you to think of a dear one you have lost.

Signs from the dead.  

Another common occurrence is hearing a song on the radio that belonged to someone in particular, or which may have been played at a funeral service, right at the moment when you get into your car and turn on the radio.

It could also happen right after you have been talking to someone who is gone; perhaps you had even asked the person to give you a sign.

If this happens, do not doubt what you feel, you will know for yourself whether it came from that person or not.

Yet another thing you may often have heard is the departed appearing in people's dreams. These are often vivid dreams, which you will not easily forget. This is a way for them to just talk to you, to give you a hug, or even to pass on some kind of message. These dreams always feel particularly realistic, so you will have an immediate sense of their reality on waking up; as if that person had just paid you a visit.





Annemarie about signs from the afterlife




"If you would like to let me know how your beloved ones or your pet(s) has/have given signs of life after death, then please send me an E-mail containing your personal experience(s), and I will add them to this website!"




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