Contacting the departed, signs of the afterlife.

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As a medium, I am able to contact people who have passed away, and when I attune to a departed person wishing to come through, that person will pass on sensations, images, words, and sentences, among other things; at times it may be a specific odour, this is the way in which they communicate with me. Sensations in particular call for a very broad perspective, making it hard to find the right words at times. These messages often come across as combinations such as a feeling and an image, or words combined with imagery. Certain things must be viewed symbolically, for instance: suppose you get to see a large man (who has passed away), very broad in the shoulders and resembling an ancient Greek statue. Now, of course, it may turn out that this man actually resembles the image, but the intention conveyed may also be that of a man of stature, for example a man of reputation, or someone who loved to be at the centre of attention, who may even have been an athlete as well. On seeing something like that, I would just say what I see, which will often be accompanied by a certain sensation or something else the person wants to convey. It is perfectly normal for you to consider things as strange just mention them anyway, because the point is for the person consulting you to be able to come to terms with these matters. Then again, there is your personal need for getting a clear picture (as a personal learning opportunity enabling you to be more clear towards the person consulting you), but this will come about gradually as the consultation progresses, while the departed reveals more information.

When people come to consult me, I always take some time to prepare for it, which will take me some ten to twenty minutes. Sometimes it takes me a bit longer because the one (the deceased person) who wants to come through later on is already giving me information, which I will usually record on paper in writing or drawings beforehand. I rarely know who someone will wish to contact, so it is always a surprise to see who will come through during consultations. I have no say in the matter; I just wait for it to arrive as I am unable to summon anyone in any way. The deceased generally know who will be consulting so they will often be present in advance, which I find a pleasant experience.

I myself know that there is life after death; I have plenty of evidence for myself since I am able to sense, hear, and see deceased people. All the departed are different as well, just as the living are all different, causing them to come across in ever-changing ways. While some may start to talk about the way they died, explaining the cause and passing the sensations of the entire event, others are so incredibly excited about being able to come across that they immediately start to talk about children and grandchildren, or about past or current events. Yet other people will first convey their character traits, the way they were in life, or specific features, or indeed generalities at some occasions, since these are also part of who we are. A medium may therefore convey specifics and details, but also general information since it exists, which can include personal traits or causes of death such as a heart attack, for instance.

So what is the difference between a medium and a psychic?

Well, a medium is able to contact the departed and is a psychic simultaneously, but psychics aren't necessarily mediums. A psychic is someone who is clairvoyant in feeling, seeing, hearing, sense of smell, or cognition, or a combination of these aspects, which is usually the case, resulting in a blend of different abilities.



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"If you would like to let me know how your beloved ones or your pet(s) has/have given signs of life after death, then please send me an E-mail containing your personal experience(s), and I will add them to this website!